With iMission Partners, management teams quickly build a strategic framework for guiding the organization’s online efforts to expand and deepen relationships with stakeholders.

This framework informs how existing online capabilities can best be leveraged while identifying gaps in technologies and techniques needed to accelerate progress.

Initiatives are defined, potential impacts of each initiative on near term objectives and longer term goals are assessed and priorities are set.

This is a fast-paced process that brings alignment across the organization, and sets the stage for highly effective implementation. Supported by iMission Partners, focused efforts are then launched to achieve near-term benefits and expedite organizational learning, thus setting the stage for continued progress.

Our Mission is to provide our clients with these unique benefits

Online Strategy

We help you think strategically and apply online techniques, technologies and content that advance your organization’s mission.

Holistic Approach

We see things in terms of the overall process instead of a set of discrete capabilities or technologies. Our integrated online approach helps you most effectively move your community to action.

Passionate Stakeholders

We elevate and extend your organization’s capabilities to create more passionate and valuable relationships with your stakeholders that drive your mission’s success.