iMission Partners helps non-profit organizations and socially conscious businesses achieve mission-critical goals. We do this through an online relationship management process that broadens exposure and enriches the connection with stakeholders – donors, clients, customers, employees and community members.  Delivering relevant and meaningful content – in the right way and the right time – engages these stakeholders and treats them as passionate & interested partners who care about the mission of your organization.

Online Relationship Management (ORM) incorporates the following components:

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Build Traffic

Drives online traffic of visitors who have a real interest in your mission, product or services. We help management teams allocate resource most effectively across the variety of traffic-generating techniques and technologies. We breakthrough the overwhelming online noise so your message is heard by the people who most matter.


Motivate Action

Move visitors to highly qualified prospects using proven techniques to capture email addresses, Facebook likes or Twitter followers. Quickly gain insight into these prospects’ interest and passions to deliver content that resonates and engages. Prospects move more quickly to active donors, clients or customers.

Motivate Action

Deepen Relationship

Expand and deepen your stakeholder relationships. Through online content strategies and communication technologies, you build stakeholder loyalties, even passion, for your mission and goals Overall retention rates increase while stakeholder commitment levels rise.

Deepen relationships

Create Leverage

Through our strategic process, we help management teams leverage existing online assets – technology platforms, content and information, contact lists, and other internal resource – to achieve near terms gains that can fuel future success.

Where capability gaps exists, we bring expertise in many easily-integrated, lower cost technologies and resources that lets your organization take action quickly and optimize the return on your online investment and resources.

Create Leverage

Speed and Efficiency

At iMission, we deliver measurable near term results en-route to a full-scale implementation that achieves your organizational goals.

Throughout the efforts, we work closely with management teams to expedite organizational learning. We move forward using a ‘lean’ approach suitable to small-to-mid-sized organizations as well as larger organizations that seek to validate results prior to investing in a full-scale expansion.

While seeking quick results, iMission takes a holistic perspective. We help you build an effective process, from start to finish, ensuring that you will have an effective solution that fits your organization, meets your immediate needs, and supports long term objectives.

Speed and Efficiency

Metrics & Analytics

iMission Partners helps management teams define the appropriate measurements for each step of relationship development. Broader, holistic metrics that track overall performance of the online strategy and efforts are also defined.

Through analytics, iMission Partners helps management teams interpret all these metrics to support process improvement and enhanced return.

We help bring these metrics to life within your organization so they drive collaborative and constructive action.

Meterics and analytics