How Nonprofits Win With Online Petitions – Action Guide

Posted by Rob Leighton| 04.21.2014| in Online Strategy

There’s a no-cost, quick way to connect with thousands of people who care about what your organization is doing. It’s online petitioning.

Every nonprofit organization needs to test this tactic! It’s an incredible engagement tool that will let you: 1) build new networks;  2) excite current stakeholders; and, 3) advance your broad mission.

You can succeed with our latest action guide. You may be just a few clicks away from 1000+ new supporters.

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Nonprofit Online Petitions Appeal to Broader Mission

Your nonprofit is more than a collection of programs, events and services. It’s guided by a broader mission to make a more humane, more beautiful, more sustainable or more equitable world.

You and your staff are not alone in your pursuit of a broader mission: you’re joined by your donors, advocates, volunteers and even many of your clients.

Leverage this common commitment to mission.  Engage your current and future stakeholders by conveying how teaming with your organization not only supports specific programming, but also advances a broader mission.

Online petitions are powerful tools for mission-driven engagement.  The online petition allows your organization to:

  • Identify many people that are first and foremost passionate about a mission, but not yet aware of your organization’s good works
  • Establish thought-leadership around the key issues
  • Develop alliances with other organizations for common benefit
  • Meaningfully advance your broader mission

In truth, every nonprofit organization should have a point of view about some mission-based initiative outside the organizational walls. It may be the passage (or defeat) of legislation. It may be addressing how regulations are crafted and enforced. It also may be challenging certain corporate policies or practices.  It’s about creating a more favorable environment to achieve goals.  In taking a stand, you will tap passions for good that can drive your organization’s success.