CT Nonprofits Win Online with Low Cost Strategies

Posted by Rob Leighton| 09.18.2014| in Online Strategy

Winning Online NonprofitsJust thought you’d like a link to download the iMission article on how nonprofits win online.

It has been published in Nonprofit Advantage, CANP’s quarterly magazine.  The article was published to complement our upcoming seminar WINNING ONLINE: BEST PRACTICE STRATEGY FOR NONPROFITS, also sponsored by Connecticut Association of Nonprofits.    Rob Leighton, iMission’s founding partner, also will be leading a discussion on Innovations in Social Funding at CANP upcoming annual conference.

Nonprofits Win Online: Seminar Description

If the Ice Bucket Challenge $100+ million campaign has left asking how and why, then you should be coming to this seminar.

You may be thinking that the Ice Bucket success is a minor miracle for the ALS Foundation, but, in fact, there are some fundamental reasons that enabled this campaign to move from a very moving and sad story about an heroic ALS victim to this year’s viral phenomenon.  Any nonprofit will be well served to understand these fundamentals.

Beyond the mega viral successes, here is what is also very true.  Day-to-day, online giving is rising many times faster than offline donations. These trends will continue. Growth likely will accelerate.

Here’s what also true. Online success extends beyond increased funding. It excites staff, clients, advocates and volunteers. It facilitates organizational effectiveness. It advances community and legislative passions to support an organization’s mission.

Some nonprofits are achieving great results – even start-up nonprofit with few resources. For others, the financial and human resource investment fails generate meaningful returns. What’s the difference? A simple and clear strategy that integrates existing online tactic and tools while providing an inclusive framework for deploying emerging technologies.

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