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Nonprofit Video Marketing Webinar

Posted by Rob Leighton| 11.21.2013| in Webinars

Did you miss last week’s live webinar on nonprofit video marketing?  See it now – just scroll down to view the recorded version.

Mark Manoff, managing director of News Broadcast Networks (NBN) presented.  NBN has been generating ‘earned media’ for nonprofits for over 40 years.  Earned media was once synonymous with public relations, but the internet has extended it to call-outs from bloggers, Twitter and Facebook stars, and affiliate publishers.

The webinar is just under 30 minutes, but here is a big take away: plan your nonprofit video marketing before you make the video – with a clear idea of the resources needed to assure that the right people view the video.

Nonprofit Video Marketing Success = Distribution, Distribution, Distribution!

As Mark stresses, most videos on YouTube have few, if any, views.   That does not mean that most of these videos are not any good.  They simply were not blessed with a viral buzz. Mark sings a clear mantra – get organized on the distribution and marketing of the video.  Keep you production low but double up on the amount you planned to spend on getting the video placed on the right channels.

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