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art with cause

Art With Cause for Community Engagement

Posted by Rob Leighton| 04.17.2014| in Conversion & Continuity

art with causeArt with Cause is a community building, fundraising solution. It’s cool. It raises money for any nonprofit or a crowd-funding social enterprise. It supports emerging artists. It can provide great donor/art collector satisfaction.

Here’s what’s needed.  Good story telling.  Limited edition art, like what can be created through print-making. A simple video that brings it all together.  Take a look at the video below and then read on.

As of the publication date, I had not yet been able to connect directly with the Art with Cause folks, but I really like this approach.  And what’s great, nonprofits and artists in any community can replicate this model.

I, for one, am looking forward to testing out this approach.

Awesome Fundraising Email Appeal from Bonnie Raitt

Posted by Rob Leighton| 12.11.2013| in Conversion & Continuity

I just received an awesome fundraising email from Bonnie Raitt. That’s pretty great. I’ve  been a Bonnie Raitt fan for 40 years. I first heard Bonnie in concert in 1974 when she was playing a coffee-house style concert at Purchase College in Westchester, N.Y.  I was 15 and visiting my older sister. I even remember wearing a new pair of Frye boots. I was feeling pretty cool.

I’ve been a Bonnie Raitt fan ever since, listening to her records, tapes, CDs and now Pandora channel.  I grew up and have grown older with Bonnie’s music.

So did I open this fundraising email?  You bet I did.  I didn’t even look at the pretty uninspiring subject line. If I had read it, I may not have opened the email. Subject line aside, this email appeal uses many best practices.   Learn them and you will very sharply increase your ability to move stakeholders to actions.

Let’s start with a fundamental point.   The number one reason an email gets open is not about the subject line.  It’s about who is sending the email and what the sender mean to you (see my blog  Rocking Email Open Rates – Without the Rock Star).  Bonnie Raitt means a lot to me.

What did I see when I opened this fundraising email?  A year-end appeal.  Bonnie is talking to me about giving to the Environmental Working Group.

Fundraising Email Marketing – The Process

Take a look at the fundraising email below. It defines a well developed ‘sales’ funnel.  Bonnie asks for a small $10 contribution, gives me something in return (the magnet) , and let’s me know that my donation will be matched. Why not give $10?  I clicked through and gave $25.  After confirming my donation, EWG redirected me to a upsell for a monthly donation authorization.  I passed on this, but I did think about it.

I had never donated to EWG before. I was simply a prospect that had subscribed to the EWG list at some point. EWG has been sending me useful information about the issues. I don’t always agree with them, but I really appreciate their perspective. So, you see, when Bonnie asked to support this organization, I already was ready to respond.  That’s what relationship marketing is all about. It works not only for email appeals, but also in crowdsourcing campaigns,  website offers and just about any place in your online ecosystem.

Case Study Email Appeal from Bonnie Raitt for EWG!

Dear Friend:

I deeply believe in EWG’s mission.

We first joined forces in 2002 to stop shipments of lethal, radioactive waste through almost every city in the country en route to the proposed Yucca Mountain waste dump in Nevada. It was classic EWG. Exposing the shipment routes that the government was essentially keeping secret was crucial to the movement to stop the Yucca Mountain scheme dead in its tracks.

Washington and big business routinely let us down when it comes to protecting our health and environment. EWG never does. This group makes serious noise with its signature, eye-popping research.

I jumped at the chance to help when my friend Ken Cook called me about this important fundraising campaign, as we all benefit so much from EWG’s important work. In turn, we need to give back so EWG can keep on challenging the polluters and the corporations for a greener, healthier planet.

For EWG to carry on its world-changing research it is crucial it meets its year-end fundraising goal. That’s why EWG is offering their brand new Seasonal Produce Magnet for those who give $10 or more.

Make a tax-deductible gift of $10 or more today and get EWG’s new Seasonal Produce Magnet for helping it reach its goal by December 31st. Plus, a generous donor will match your donation and double your impact.

Like you, I use EWG’s National Drinking Water Database, the Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce and the Skin Deep Cosmetics Database. I just love how EWG’s guides empower us with information to make smarter, greener choices.

Of course, EWG doesn’t stop there. It’s also fighting for clean energy, better policy for toxic chemicals, and a safer food supply – and that’s why I’m so passionate about offering my support.

But EWG can only keep up the good fight with all of our help. Thanks for making your year end donation today.

Fundraising emailSincerely,

Bonnie Raitt




Improving Online Conversion – Lean Testing

Posted by Rob Leighton| 09.07.2013| in Conversion & Continuity

AB Test for online conversionLarger online brands and retailers seeking to escalate online conversions have big budgets to optimize their navigation and user interface. They experiment relentlessly to find processes. Increasing a purchase online conversion rate by even one-tenth of one percent may dramatically improve the economics of online efforts, so companies test everything that could influence shopping behaviors.

Unfortunately, most small online retailers do not have the staff or resources to outsource the design and testing of multiple versions of their web pages, but new and better tools are increasingly available at low cost . Read more

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